This texture is more rigid and compact but is a good weight and is a type of wood with high stability. Premium basswood shutters are made from the strongest material out there and ensure top quality for years to come. They provide a clean and flawless finish guaranteed to enhance any room you’re in. Being our leading seller for material, our basswood shutters have changed the game.


Ashwood is a broad-leaved tree that grows in tropical rain forests in Southeast Asia. It is commonly known as the “king of trees” and is notorious for its teak oils, which make it very difficult to deformation. Seen as one of the more elegant materials we provide, the golden yellow color looks even more beautiful with time. It is extremely resistant to all types of temperatures and neither the sun nor rain can break this material. Especially in more humid conditions, teak is the most practical choice of material compared to any other.


In more humid environments such as bathrooms and showers, we have developed high-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) shutters, which allows our shutters to remain durable even in the most humid environments.

Fully customized to meet your needs.

Open & Close

Whether it’s a single, sliding or folding door or window — our products are guaranteed to fit whatever you may need. The ability to customize the direction in which our Shutters open allows us to meet your every specific need.

Frame Style

You are able to choose from a variety of our designs to find the frame that best suits your interest. Being 100% personalized, you also have the option to mix and match and perform custom cuts to accommodate tiles and existing molding.

Louver Size

If you’re looking to go for a more simplistic feel, we offer our 2.5″ or 3.5″ slats for your shutters. Want a bolder look? Try out our 4.5″ slats and see what a difference this makes!

Tilt Rod

Where the rod is placed in our product — we like to give you options. So whether it’s high, low, split, offset, visible or completely hidden is entirely up to you!


No matter how tricky your window is, we’ve got you covered! If you have a custom window such as arched windows, hexagonal windows, round windows etc…our products can all be made to fit your specific needs.


In addition to the existing base color, you are able to choose matte, glossy or even no coating at all! We offer over 20 paints and stains to choose from and if that’s not enough — we can customize your shutters in any color you want. The more customization you want for your ONYX product, the more we are gladly able to give you!

Whatever you need, we've got you covered.


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